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I have a massive extended family. Some I know more than others. I use to stay with my maternal grandmother over the summer in South Carolina sometimes, so I got to know more on my mom's side of the family than my dad's. I also use to spend time at with Jim and Joyce's family. Jim is my mom's brother. Joyce gave me some of my first exposure to computers, which my family never had until I reached high school.

Joyce died on Thursday.

She developed invasive inflammatory breast cancer, and was diagnosed with it at the start of January.

This type of breast cancer is rarer and very aggressive. More importantly though, it doesn't present a lump. Instead, you're skin turns red and hot and you develop a sort of rash. She was initially diagnosed with Shingles until it got worse.

I'm gonna miss Joyce. She was always cheerful and very nice to me when I visited her.

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