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Previous Entry Petie Dec. 13th, 2007 @ 01:56 am Next Entry
My mom's been pretty depressed over losing Oscar. I've been too kinda. We were all pretty attached to him. I know it seems silly, but still.

Mom and Dad decided to get a new dog to kinda fill that gap.

Meet Petie (pronounced Pete-y or Peaty).

He's 7 weeks old. He narcoleptic and bitey[0], but cute. I wanted to name him "Darwin"[1] because he likes to chew on everything, including plug-in power cords. He's very cute, but it's still hard to get over Oscar. Mom still cries when she thinks about him. I feel bad for the pup, but he doesn't know what going on. I hope over time, things get better.

[0] I say he's narcoleptic because he'll play for 30 minutes, then pass out randomly. He also like to bite everything (fingers, toys, socks, power cords, shoes, folds in clothing, sheets, my hair)

[1] I think if I ever do get a dog, I will name him "Darwin." It seems like a fitting name.
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