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12 years ago or so, my family's neighbor and friend along with 2 partners (I think related to him), started an assisted living home called Brookside Assisted Living. Our neighbor offered my mother a job there. She's been there the whole time, and now makes $15 per hour. The residents and employees love my mom, and one of the managers, Sharon, is now the mother-in-law of my sister and grandmother to my niece.

About a year ago, my neighbor's 2 partner's wanted out. They entered into negotiations with a despicable company called "Sunwest Management." They are a corporation that owns a lot of retirement homes across the country. Last week, the company took over Brookside. My neighbor tried everything, from prayer (including letters to Pat Robertson) to getting the company banned from the city of Buford and the state of GA (they are already banned in California) to searching for legal loopholes. But he couldn't do anything to stop them from taking over. Everyone was under an NDA, so no one could give any notice to the residents or the employees. My mom found out this week when Sunwest took over. Brookside offered all of it's employees severance packages if they chose not to resume employment under Sunwest.

The new Sunwest managers pointed out that all the employees were being paid too much and that if they want to stay they could (with no reduction in salary - HA), but if they wanted out not to "let the door him them on the backside on the way out."

When Datapath purchased ILC, they came in, told us it was happening (gave 45 day notice before the acquisition was finised) and welcomed us all. According, to my mom this was not the case with Sunwest. No one could tell anyone anything until the deal was closed. Employees had no time to consider their options. Residents had no time to decide if they wanted to do business with Sunwest. It makes me fucking sick. We're fucking talking about elderly people and people with Alzheimer's. Their families had every right to know so that they could make informed decisions about the care of their loved ones, and it was fucking irresponsible of those 2 partners to fucking sell out like that.

Sharon quit that day.

Mom gets the impression that they want to pay their employees about what I made at Target ($8.25 per hour), which means they'll get shitty unskilled employees. They also like understaffing to reduce their overhead. They made it clear that they are in it for the money, and they are ruthless.

Since my mom no longer has anyone close to her there, they are probably going to see her as a replacable overpaid employee. Mom doesn't think they will let her go because they would have to give her severance, Mom thinks they will either a) cut her hours or b) make her life unbearable there so that she will quit on her own. I'm gonna guess that they will reduce her hours so that she's not working full time.
I think my mom is likely to find a new a job, though she probably won't get $15 per hour anywhere else.

As for Sunwest:
Lawsuit - Dead Rat Found in Alzheimer's Patient's Mouth - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17988869/
Lawsuit - Understaffed its homes and failed to provide services paid for by residents - http://blog.oregonlive.com/business/2007/03/lawsuit_filed_against_sunwest.html
Lawsuit - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Violations - http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/stories/2004/03/01/story1.html
Lawsuit - Failure to provide services - http://www.eastvalleynews.com/mail/article.cfm?i=9324
Banned from the State of California - http://www.topix.net/content/smalltown/1601854076062548192816238864730628711080 (from what I hear, this went through)
Here just do a fucking google search on the damn company. It's terrible.

I feel disgusted, angry, and sad about the entire thing.
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Date:October 8th, 2007 12:17 am (UTC)


I have been informed that there is to be a meeting at Brookside on Tuesday evening. My mother was a former resident at Lake Springs Assisted Living & Memory Care on South Lee Street in Buford. Sunwest took over the facility from Atria about 2 years ago. She is now a resident at Brookside.

I am very familiar with what is going to happen! My mother has been in assisted living facilities for over 8 years and Lake Springs after Sunwest's takeover was a living nightmare.

I did file a report with the State but that has changed nothing.
Same administrator, same partially English speaking underpaid employees.........same filth........and it goes on and on.

I will speak openly and vehemently at the meeting - along with pictures of injuries my mother sustained while in Lake Springs care - which by the way were not reported to me at the time of the incident and then said she hit a doorknob! The doorknob had to be very high or very low or she had to hit multiple misaligned doorknobs as she had a 3" diameter bruise on her right forehead, a lacerated right collarbone and a deep wound on her left knee. Also, let me mention that I had to point the injuries out to them as "NO ONE NOTICED THEM"....not the Administrator, Nurse or Staff who found her on the floor or the Staff who supposedly took care of her.

They mis-medicated her.........the Med Techs at Lake Springs are a joke. The pharmacy you ARE REQUIRED to use is inefficient.

I could go on and on..............

I am well aware of all the Class Action Suits, etc....but it seems there is no stopping them.

I must speak out to make the families of the residents aware of what they are going to have to deal with. Perhaps if they keep there radar out for problems and report to the State, the State will take some action or a Class Action Suit will be filed against them here in Georgia...........before a loved one dies in their care.

Brookside has been wonderful..........The staff are so very caring and my mother has improved immensely. But I know this will change as good people like that will not stay with poor working conditions, lower pay, etc., etc.

I hope to pass along to the families at Brookside information that took me week to find......Like the link to the Office of Regulatory Services. http://www.ors.dhr.state.ga.us/
This is where you can view online all incidents reports processed by this office on all Nursing Homes and Personal Care Facilities (Assisted Living).......or
http://ors.dhr.georgia.gov/portal/site/DHR-ORS/menuitem.a7e86d3fa49a7a608e738510da1010a0/?vgnextoid=b91e44c26e5fff00VgnVCM100000bf01010aRCRD for facility compliance reports.

TO SUBMIT A COMPLAINT AGAINST A FACILITY ONLINE: (However, I would recommend you first contact by phone, get email - especially if you have pictures to substantiate your complaint. https://services.georgia.gov/dhr/reportfiling/searchFacility.do?action=constituentComplaint

I also will tell them how to contact an Ombudsman http://www.georgiaombudsman.org/
Jennifer Coyne
Acting State Ombudsman
Office of the State LTCO
2 Peachtree Street, NW
9th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303-3142
Tel: (888)454-5826
Fax: (404)463-8384

I am so upset to think that Sunwest Management has taken over Brookside - especially the manner in which it was done. I wonder if the owners took the time to research out Sunwest. Then again, perhaps they did, and it all only comes down to the money. I wonder if they would want one of their loved ones there after Sunwest takes over?

I hope some of the families find this online as I did. Anyone, please feel free to contact me at realwrite1@comcast.net

Additional information/help for families:

Elder Abuse: Domestic/Community
Georgia APS Central Intake Unit: 1-888-774-0152
Within Metro Atlanta calling area: (404) 657-5250
Nursing Home Abuse/Long Term Care

Georgia Office of Regulatory Services: 1-800-878-6442
Within Metro Atlanta calling area: (404) 657-5728
Long Term Care Ombudsman: 1-888-454-5826
Laws and Regulations
Ga. Code Ann. §§ 30-5-1-10 Disabled Adults and Elder Persons Protection Act

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Date:December 7th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm such a dolt and don't check my livejournal very often. I will pass this information on to my mom, but she quit a few weeks ago. She said they had cut her hours and were working her harder than she could handle. She says that Brookside is now very much understaffed.
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Date:December 7th, 2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
Also, I promise, the 2 partners that sold out the company (read: not Garry (sp?) Garrett ) did not give a rat's shit about who they were selling out to.
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